2020 Pfizer summary for Grant


Please upload a detailed summary (not to exceed five pages) of the program/activity for which you are seeking funding from Pfizer. The summary should include an explanation of how funds from Pfizer would be used to execute the program/activity, e.g., speaker honorarium, venue rental fees, marketing materials or other third-party products or services, etc.

Since 1982, (name withheld) our mission is to empower cancer patients and their families with emotional resilience, physical activity, and spiritual practices. Today, this successful model directs 175 locations and partnerships around the world. (name of withheld) is a haven, free of charge, for cancer patients enduring the darkest times of their lives. Our clients and their caregivers face a daily cocktail of mortality, medical bills, and a crisis of faith.

We hear the same refrains every day: hospitals and doctors’ offices are overburdened, and due to Covid-19, regular care is in jeopardy.  Cancer impacts upwards of 40,000 patients and countless family members per year in Los Angeles. Name withheld is the expert at providing skills to mitigate anxiety, isolation, and loss of control. The Coronavirus adds an acute layer of difficulty to Cancer patients. To address these severe circumstances, name withheld is seeking additional support. 

Our COVID-19 Response:

Our approach to patient advocacy is to address the whole person, not only the malignant tumor. 
Name withheld believes that community is stronger than cancer—and now, stronger than Covid-19; We have transitioned 90% of our program to the digital space without missing one day of service. 

Request Amount:
(Name of organization withheld) respectfully requests a grant for $50,000 to: 

Support our regular patient advocacy support groups.
In response to COVID-19, to protect the most vulnerable patients, those with compromised immune systems.