Request for Proposal RFP

The travel industry is at the nexus of challenges: political instability, immigration issues, rising fuel costs, and the threat of terrorism. Each of these forces impacts the travel industry. Although there are inherent risks in travel, our service is grounded by our high-performing staff and robust technology. Aero Port Services, "APS," is a service provider with a reputation for cost-effective and timely completion of projects within statutory guidelines. 

Five years ago, we promised our clients to improve service for the Interline Baggage Operation at LAX. Finally, we possess the inside knowledge to present an improved, upgraded service tailored to your needs. We enhanced the standards above and beyond expectations. We are again ready to renew our promise to deliver the quality service you and your passengers deserve.  
As the economy improves from the depths of the recession, we provide our Interline Baggage Tracking system at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. These cost savings are passed on to the airlines. In addition, the APS system is a revolutionary new Interline Baggage Tracking software.  

All Interline baggage handled by APS is recorded and tracked by our most important asset, our employees. We offer competitive wages to our employees to enjoy a high standard of living; as they prosper, we all thrive as a company. This is one reason that our turnover ratio is less than 10%, far less than our competing partners at LAX.   

APS does not rest on our past success; we understand that achievement comes from constant evaluation in all areas of our business. We assess both our systems and employees with one question in mind, "Can we continue to compete against other major companies?" We teach management to improve our performance and client satisfaction indicators. We will not settle for any other way of doing business. 

Innovative System
From software to hardware, we use an innovative solution to tracking bags! The latest software is the centerpiece to our approach. In addition, we deploy computerized modeling software for our interline Baggage Services.  
· Both the device and website are integrated with Baggage Service Message (BSM) and Baggage Transfer Message (BTM) movement messages.   
· The built-in GPS tracking system physically tracks down each individual passenger's bag at any time. As a result, the system will decrease theft due to complete accountability of baggage handling. 
· The technology pushes all pertinent information to the right people at the right time. (i.e.: all drivers will receive alerts on hot bags from the operators). 
· Alert messages will be sent to the final destination station before the customer arrives at baggage claim to prevent further hassle.
Finally, performance data indicators and statistical data are available in our reports at any time to our customers.
*Excellence is achieved by preventing problems rather than by detecting them after they occur.

Effective Prices
The client determines the services that meet his or her needs at a cost that represents value. APS's goal is to build long-term business relationships with our clients.  
· We believe in fair, competitive wages and benefits for our employees.
· We provide optimum prices based on both the current labor regulations and an acceptable profit margin. 
     * A commitment to providing quality service raises the competitive bar and is key to developing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
 Experienced Staff
 APS has been providing Baggage Porter Services to TBIT Carriers since December 2002, after the TSA inspection. APS prides itself on delivering only the most stringent quality of training to its staff. An employee who receives the necessary training to perform their job becomes acutely aware of safety, proper procedures, and legal compliances. API has a dedicated in-house company and operational trainers to provide structured training. Additionally, APS provides development programs for its employees. These programs refine basic skills and emphasize context and background knowledge for employees.
All porters receive training to transfer baggage and coordinate between airlines and government agencies. Extensive employee training allows APS to prevent layoffs.
Management Structure
Our management team is among the most experienced in the Interline Baggage Service. Each member is a self-starter, with an insider's understanding of what our clients need.     
This approach is based on the simple philosophy that any individual responsible for completing a task must also have the necessary authority. The result is responsive, pro-active, and precise on-site performance.  
Management steps for success include hard work, perseverance, incremental improvements, creativity, innovation, and teamwork. This approach is why we have a low turnover ratio of less than 10%.  
1.5 Final Statement
APS's management has a combined history of more than 125 years of fulfilling Passenger, Ground Handling, and Security services for the airline industry. We are and have always been committed to exceeding the standards established by our customers. 

Our managerial and operational personnel are the foundation for the strength of our team. We innovate rather than replicate service delivery; the past will not hold us back from finding new ways to do old things better. We create client relationships because we have a vested interest in each other's success. The bottom line is that we want you to have HAPPY PASSENGERS who continue TO EARN THEIR CONFIDENCE WHEN Traveling on YOUR AIRLINE.